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PATH CCR delivers better live guests

Using Mobile Phones

Contributor Management

Managing broadcast contributors is not a job for amateurs, and our CCR (contributor control room) takes control of guest management for TV and radio remotely, checking connectivity, lining up images, grading, and audio and delivers them to broadcasters in the best possible way.  We can use Zoom, Skype, Teams, Webex or best of all, our own PATH app or browser interface to get the best possible image and audio delivered, avoiding many of the problems causing problems for live broadacsters.

How does it work?

Producers, reporters, researchers or live programme directors can outsource the management of their contributors to us.  Our contributor management specialists contact the guests, talk through the best options for their tech and connectivity, and then set up a live connection in advance of the programme.  We test the lines, offer alternatives, frame the images and colour correct and balance video and audio before the guests are connected using our PATH relays direct as an outside source to the broadcaster's control room.  Broadcasters pay a small monthly rental for the relay, and a per contributor fee for each guest delivered.

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