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RECKEEN 3DSPro is an all-rounded product that will cover all of your broadcasting needs – starting from creating and designing your virtual scenography, through producing your 3D TV content, to mixing and broadcasting the material in real-time.

Free scenographies of different styles, library of 3D objects, various editors and creators – those are just a few of the things that come with Reckeen system by default. All that, and much more, is backed by the hardware of the highest quality.

If you are not familiar with virtual 3D studio systems – we invite you to a world of new possibilities. With our solution your TV content will be unique and professional, and its creation process easy and fun.


RECKEEN 3DSPro package contains all necessary tools and applications to produce 3D video content, perfect for TV stations, Youtubers, Twitch, Mixer and other broadcasters, e-learning and education facilities, or for producing corporate materials.

The system has been created for people who value the highest quality and technological innovation, but also ease of use and convenience. RECKEEN 3DSPro performs amazingly in various environments – from professional TV studios to home productions. It is designed to fulfil the demand of any company, as the production can be performed by just a single person.

A 3D virtual studio system creates an illusion that the production is made in a spacious studio and with use of multiple cameras, when in reality it can be created on a small green screen and with as little as only one physical camera. RECKEEN 3DSPro system is equipped with four independent virtual cameras which give you freedom to move around the whole virtual set at any angle without limitations, with a use of smooth and complex-looking transitions, as well as by manual operations, that imitate a camera crane and cameraman natural movements. Virtual studio provides you with space to hold all kind of presentations, with a use of 3D graphics, animations and other media. All that, along with any editing is done and generated in real-time, without extra rendering time.


NewTek NDI®


NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology enables compatible systems, devices, and applications to connect and communicate over IP to share video, audio, and data.  RECKEEN 3DSPro system offers 6 NDI inputs for cameras and Media. Camera inputs include supported stream key and RECKEEN chroma key.  The system also includes an NDI output, which allows Program output to be broadcasted using NDI technology.

RECKEEN 3DSPro system has 4 camera inputs, up to 4K format. It allows you to have up to two 4K or up to four Full HD camcorders connected to the RECKEEN’s workstation. Their signals are keyed independently in a high quality, thanks to four independent chroma key channels. Multiple inputs allow a user to make more complex productions with numerous talents filmed on different greenscreens, and also in different locations – if using an NDI connection.



External audio panel for the best sound quality and extended audio possibilities

  • AudioLink interface with a use of RJ-45 cable, this technology enables transferring all inputs and outputs stream to greater distances. The sound transferred digitally from ADB-100 device through RJ-45 connector maintains the highest quality and is noise-free thanks to galvanic isolation.

  • Equipped with AES3 digital audio standard inputs and outputs

  • Equipped with professionally balanced stereo analogue audio differential inputs and outputs


Use a multi camera setup for more active and detailed production

This feature allows you for a multiple-camera mode of production with up to 4 cameras. It is especially useful during interviews, and other scenarios where there is a need for more than one camera setup. Generally, the two outer cameras shoot close-up shots of the characters on the set, while the central camera, or cameras, shoot a wider master shot to capture the whole scene and establish the geography of the virtual studio.

This feature strikingly resembles a tracking system. It is, however, completely trackless, and the execution of the effect is achieved by intelligently placing the virtual cameras in the correct positions in a 3D studio. This feature saves you money, and at the same time gives you results of an advance tracking system.


Depth of Field feature imitates opening and closing camera iris, that allows to blur the background, while the talents stay in a focal point. Adjusting the intensity of the blur of the background, makes the scene and image more realistic-looking. Depending on a camera position and its distance from talents, blur intensity will change.


PIP feature inside our 3DSPro system

SMARTKEY is a new solution integrating chroma key function with media and graphics. How does SMARTKEY work? Input signals from the cameras, from up to 4 chosen video inputs in the RECKEEN 3DSPRO system are sent to chroma keying function. SMARTKEY function integrates a result from chroma keying with chosen video clip or still graphics.

Chosen video clip or graphics is placed as a background layer. Additional feature includes automatic movement of background graphics to intensify visual dynamic of created scene. On such background, a layer with a talent, generated by a chroma key, can be placed at. In that way, we can obtain four new media streams – SMARTKEY channels, which can be placed directly inside RECKEEN 3DSPro virtual studio, or sent to external SDI outputs.

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