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Virtual Production Training and Masterclasses

Introduction to Virtual Studios

What can you do with a virtual studio? How do they work? Learn to operate the Reckeen 3DSPRO with hands-on instruction and time in the studio to learn how virtual production expands the capacity of even the smallest studios and galleries.


From 1 to 5 Days

Train the Trainers

Do you teach production to students at school, college of university? Is you facility able to help students understand the way that virtual environments work? Do you need to update your professional development with some tailored virtual production skills? Learn what virtual production means for the future of your students.

From Half Day courses

Virtual Studio Director

How to plan and build a production in a 3D virtual studio, with focus on the preparations and planning, how to light and edit the sets, place and train the virtual cameras and learn how to automate moves. This can include ways to integrate a virtual studio with tradional vision mixers.

3 Days

The Pain Game

What is it really like to work in a heated television gallery when it's going wrong? On our training days for students looking to work in professional live environments, we re-create the pressures and problems that make live television one of the most stressful jobs in the world. 

1 Day course

Experiment and Build Days

Looking to see whether an idea you have could work in a virtual studio? Book a day with us and test your idea out with our team of virtual production experts. We can build or adapt a set, help you use the studio to create a pilot, or work on how to bring a tradional studio idea to life in the virtual world.

From 1 day

Understanding Television News

This course is aimed at non-TV professional who need to gain a better understanding of how television news works. Opportunities on the course include being a studio guest, being a reporter, creating compelling video clips with phones and tablets, and learning how newsrooms work.

1 to 3 Day courses


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