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We recognise that established broadcast technology providers sell tried-and-tested solutions, some of which have been in the market since television was invented. 

At Disruptia we seek out the most extraordinary market-changing innovations, and find ways to provide them in business models our market understands. 

Our philosophy is simple when we look at innovations: is it better? Is it faster? Is it cheaper?

We are a classical reseller. But we resell the future.

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Our Services

Touchscreen Computer

Systems Integration

Do you have a project? We will bid to deliver it with solutions based on tomorrow's technology, not yesterday's  From virtual studios to lightning-fast video delivery, news-gathering, rights protection and video storage, newsroom operations and production tools, if there is new technology available, we can

package and deliver it.

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Technology search & evaluation

Bring your new project to us and we will search the work of innovators, science parks and radical innovators to find solutions that are faster, better and cheaper than mainstream market answers. Disruptia works to enable the smallest companies to offer their products in ways that big companies can rely on. If you have found a new solution, but want it supplied by a company you can rely on, talk to Disruptia.

Online Workshop

Reseller and supplier

Disruptia forms a bridge between new technology companies and their customers. We know that relationships between innovators and their first blue-chip clients can be hard to manage financially, culturally and contractually. Broadcasters and innovators can rely on Disruptia to deliver solutions from the cutting edge in ways both sides can understand.


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