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Our Services

Online Workshop

Reseller and supplier

Disruptia forms a bridge between new technology companies and their customers. We offer studio, transmission and video operations design and integration.  Broadcasters and innovators wanting to use video on television or on social media can rely on Disruptia to deliver technical solutions from the cutting edge of new technology, and in ways both sides can understand.

Shooting Cooking Video

Live Streaming

From teleshopping to local news or influencer podcasting, our green screen studios can even host presenters that aren't really there, and our real-time video routing, graphics and augmented reality capabilities mean that streaming videos managed by the team at Disruptia are of outstanding quality. Looking to sell?  Looking to influence? Looking to entertain? Give the team a call.


Next Generation Studios

We have studios in Bristol and Birmingham which offer the latest green screen and virtual production solutions.  They can be used for traditional productions, podcast or web-streaming, livestreaming for shopping or as disaster recovery options for broadcasters. We can also provide demonstrations of new technologies to your teams.

Disruptia. Disrupting.

The adventure begins...

Established broadcast technology providers sell tried-and-tested solutions, some of which have been in the market since television was invented. 

At Disruptia we seek out the most extraordinary market-changing innovations, and find ways to provide them in business models our market understands. 

Our philosophy is simple when we look at innovations: is it better? Is it faster? Is it cheaper?

We are a classical reseller. But we resell the future.

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85 Great Portland Street 


W1 W7 LT

+44 (0) 20 7148 1950

Disruptia's Bristol Studio is the best way to disappear into a quiet space to play with the latest Reckeen technologies and work with Chris and the team to find new ways to do things and invent new formats using our virtual technology

Adrianna Hebisz, President, Reckeen Technologies

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